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Product Details:

Author(s): Akash Karia

Publisher: —

Category: Self-development

Date: 01.03.2013

Pages: 204

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1484021851

ISBN-13: 9781484021859

Format: EPUB

Book Description:

How to Deliver a Great TED talk is a complete public speaking system for delivering highly effective presentations and speeches. If youve watched TED talks before, youve no doubt been inspired and electrified by speeches by figures such as Sir Ken Robinson, Jill Bolte Taylor, Simon Sinek and Dan Pink. – What makes these TED talks so inspiring? – What is the secret formula for creating a successful TED talk? – And how can you use this formula to deliver your own powerful TED talk (or any other presentation or speech, for that matter)? If you follow the guidelines and tools How to Deliver a Great TED Talk (previously published as How to Deliver the Perfect TED Talk ), I guarantee that your audience will have no choice but to be wrapped up in your speeches and presentations. I studied more than 200 of the most inspiring TED talks, analyzed each one line by line and discovered the common elements that make them successful. This book is the result of my intensive research. In it, youll discover tools that will help make you twice the speaker you are today in half the time. This book is also based on the work of bestselling authors Chip and Dan Heath. In their groundbreaking book, Made to Stick, Chip and Dan Heath revealed six simple principles for creating memorable messages. In this book, I have taken Chip and Dans work and applied it to creating powerfully persuasive presentations. I use their SUCCESS framework and draw on examples from TED talks to show how the success principles can be applied to public speaking. More specifically, you will learn how to: Craft a repeatable power phrase Utlize the ABC-C speech structure Use rhetorical devices to spice up your speech Create an attention-grabbing opening Build the body of your presentation/speech Craft a compelling closing Use statistics to grab attention Create a wow-moment Bring your characters to life Use analogies, metaphors and similes Turn your stories into mental movies Build your credibility with the speech introduction Add internal credibility to your presentation Build an emotional connection with your audience Use compelling visuals Use PowerPoint the right way Arouse your audience s curiosity Use Sir Ken Robinson and Dan Pink s techniques for adding humor to a speech Use rhetorical questions to hook your audience into your presentation Use the five C s of storytelling to create spell-binding stories Deliver dynamic TED talk (or any other presentation or speech) Whether you are scheduled to deliver a TED talk, a business presentation or a motivational or inspiring speech, this book will teach you the techniques used by some of the world s most powerful public speakers. Learn the art of public speaking and persuasion by studying the speeches of inspiring speakers such as Anthony Robbins, Sir Ken Robinson, Mike Rowe and Dr. Jill Taylor. Shorten your learning curve and learn the public speaking secrets most speakers never discover. If you re ready to become the kind of speaker other people pay and line up to see, scroll up, click the buy button and get started today!

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